Performance Art

First video dance experiment did it at Museu de Ipiranga, Praça Roosevelt and Galeria do Rock in São Paulo, Brazil, 2013.

"Shortness of breath, uncertainty, dry throat, bitter taste, freedom, loneliness, transitions ..., experiments in the streets of São Paulo". M.M.M.

Performance inspired by the "Currulao" Colombian dance, for the virtual collection of immigrant artists in the city of São Paulo, "Projecto Visto Permanente". Viaduto Santa Ifigênia, São Paulo, Brazil, 2015.

Video dance "Aguja e Hilo"

The creative process of the performance art was initiated by some questions made to a random group of women, mostly Latin American women, about the theme of clothing.

Collective work. Concept and performance by: Margarita Maria Milagros. Body Paint by: Alessandra Siqueira @memoryontheski /Photos by: Fábio Pazzini @fabio.pazzini / Video: Daniel Rabanea @danielrabanea - Fernando Wascee @fernandowascee / Direction by: Pedro Monticelli @pedromonticelli and collective / Music teaser: @cesarlopez1

Viaduto Santa Ifigênia, Monastério de São Bento, Avenida Paulista. São Paulo, Brazil. 2017 -2018.