Margarita Maria Milagros is a Colombian artist born in Bogotá. Her mixed background of dance, artistic makeup and stage design serve as a tool to develop her Body Art and performance projects in non-conventional spaces, focused on the female universe.

She comes from a family of amateur musicians, craftsmen and professional actors. Her first contact with art began with dance, more specifically, with classical ballet. She started dancing when she was a child in her mother’s dance school.  In her childhood, she was surrounded by many styles of costumes, headdresses, sequins and musical instruments. At the same time she was studying dance, she also studied Interior Design in Bogotá, Colombia; Set Design and Costumes, and Stage Makeup in São Paulo, Brazil.

The work inside and outside the scene has led her to explore in her work the feminine universe in its tensions between private and public life and between the intimacy of the body and its external presentation.

Creation, like life, moves between the visible and hidden. It makes it’s best face visible while the less attractive elements often remain hidden. It is these tensions, the passing of time, and sexuality within the daily life of women, that guide her work, while exploring along the way our fears, dreams, fragilities, the exposure of our secrets, what embarrasses us and what gives us pleasure.